Evening Meadow…

Evening Meadow

A romantic summer’s evening in August; mid 70-degree weather, crickets chirping, fireflies flashing, bullfrogs bellowing and moonlight magically painting shadows in the darkness.   Due to my somewhat secluded location, I knew there would be very little light pollution from the city. This was a great opportunity to take some pictures of the night sky.

I took a few pictures this past Friday up in Hastings, NY, located in Oswego County, about half an hour from Syracuse. This image above is a 30 second exposure and that bright light behind the trees is the moon!  Having taken pictures like this in the past, I know the biggest question people ask me:

How is this at night when everything is so lit up? 

Normally when taking pictures, you point, you shoot, lens opens, lens shuts, and you’re done. With images like the one above, once you press down and the lens opens…and will remain open for however long you tell it to or set it for.  If I had just snapped a shot, this pic would be very dark.  However, giving it 30 seconds, it’s absorbed all available light (thanks, Mr. Moon!) that entire time, so everything appears lit up.  Oh yeah, you NEED a tripod for images like this.  If you can hold a camera perfectly still for even 5 seconds,

With every long exposure image, I feel as if I’m peeling the night off of my surroundings.  It’s like capturing an alternate reality.   And since I’m standing there in the darkness, I have no clue what the picture is going to look like once I get to see the big reveal.  It’s exciting, shot after shot.

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