4th of July Fireworks

Here are some photos I took at this past year’s firework show in my hometown in Brewerton, NY. Every July 3rd they shoot fireworks off of a barge, located on the Oneida River. I’m normally out in the open for photographing the big bursts, but this year I wanted to throw a train bridge infront of the action. Note that the 4th image down shows horizontal streaks of light going across the bridge and in the water. That was a train that came clacketing through. Nice timing! Poor timing for the folks who thought it was a good idea to watch the fireworks from the train bridge! Enjoy and feel free to share this blog post with your friends!


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Electric Christmas Trees!

Tis the season to get crazy taking pictures of Christmas lights, right? I felt there were many traditional photos out there representing the season, so why not get funky with things? Having two trees in the house, a small and a large one, I gave them an abstract photo treatment.Be sure to visit my entire website: kevinfoxcreations.com
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Going Home…

The wonders of the universe intrigue me. As I gaze up at the deep purple and twinkling heavens during the evening, I wonder…

Who else is out there? Where did we come from? Were we placed here? Will ‘someone’ come back for us some day? Has another form of intelligent life created a far-superior civilization over our own? Should we strive to find out?  ARE we being watched?

Mothership Express

Can we stop for a snack on the way home?

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