Brewerton Bridge (Before/After)

I love playing around with the photography I take. Infrared is really cool, as it reveals this hidden world that our human eyes cannot see. I took the image below in infrared and I then played around with it in Photoshop. Sometimes my infrared images come out very vibrant, however this image came out very dull, due to the lack of sunlight. With a little ‘magic’ I brought it to life. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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This summer, I’ve been growing a few catnip plants outside in a metal can, with the bottom cut out. My cat, Aurora has enjoyed the catnip buds and leaves, and so has the outdoor neighbor’s cat, who I have named Creamsicle! I call her this because I don’t know her real name, but I do know the neighbor has two dogs named Cookie and Oreo. I felt the name Creamsicle was very fitting!

With Fall now present, I decided it was time to harvest my crop! With little time to do it this weekend, I went out there this Friday evening to get chop-happy. As I began cutting the catnip, the gate behind me began to rumble and shake. Someone was trying to get in. I called out, “who’s there?!”. Suddenly, a small furry face appeared below the gate, “MEOW?”. It was my neighbor’s cat, Creamsicle. She came in and immediately began romping around in the catnip. I imagine I made the area super aromatic, since I was cutting all the stems. Here are a few pics. The first image is from another day where she asked to come in through the gate. There is another way in, but she knows she can also knock at this entrance. I wanted you to see what I normally see when I’m in this part of the yard.

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Jack O Lantern Crafts!

Hello and Happy Autumn!

Making crafts from molds is pretty fun. I started my admiration of this kind of work from purchasing a Buddha latex mold. I had been giving Buddhas to my friend every Christmas and wanted to give him something a little different. I then stumbled upon different latex/rubber molds in the stores, with the purpose of making treats in them. I had a hunch I could make these molds to MY bidding. MUHAHAHA!

For the Jack O Lanterns, I used a cool product my brother got me last Christmas called CastRite. It sets really quick and actually heats up as it cures. There’s a warning on the packaging to not cast your fingers, hands, etc, because you risk BURNING your skin!

After popping the Jacks out of the mold, I bring them outside and spray-paint them with glow-in-the-dark paint. I then take them indoors to paint them with various paints. The image below shows the first two ‘test’ Jacks. I used a gouache paint on the left one and a metallic paint on the right one. I think I like how the metallic one came out better! The only drawback is the metallic paint is more translucent, even with multiple coats, allowing the glow to shine through once the lights go out.

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Jack O Lanterns

Jack O Lanterns

Jack O Lanterns

4th of July Fireworks

Here are some photos I took at this past year’s firework show in my hometown in Brewerton, NY. Every July 3rd they shoot fireworks off of a barge, located on the Oneida River. I’m normally out in the open for photographing the big bursts, but this year I wanted to throw a train bridge infront of the action. Note that the 4th image down shows horizontal streaks of light going across the bridge and in the water. That was a train that came clacketing through. Nice timing! Poor timing for the folks who thought it was a good idea to watch the fireworks from the train bridge! Enjoy and feel free to share this blog post with your friends!


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Skeletal Remains

Spring is here in Central New York. Water droplets were over just about everything outside and despite a heavy chill in the air, I wanted to capture some of nature’s wonderful little decorations. On a quick stroll through my front yard, I found this magical object. It’s the remains of a leaf. I thought it was pretty cool looking, seeing all of its beautiful, ornate vein structures in perfect condition, yet the leaf, itself, is long gone.

Leaf Skeleton

Here is a closeup of the above

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Electric Christmas Trees!

Tis the season to get crazy taking pictures of Christmas lights, right? I felt there were many traditional photos out there representing the season, so why not get funky with things? Having two trees in the house, a small and a large one, I gave them an abstract photo treatment.Be sure to visit my entire website:
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Here are a couple gift ideas this Christmas, created by me!

Patriotic Bear Magnet ‘Glow in the Dark’

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Happy October!

The Northeast yields the most beautiful autumn season.   The colors of the leaves, the crispness in the air, and everything having to do with Halloween.  I adore the splash of ghosts, vampires, and witches across neighborhood windows and doors ads that something extra to the season.  The smell and feel of a freshly carved pumpkin creates a wormhole to my childhood. Oh, I was infatuated with Trick or Treating.  I hit so many houses, I had candy that lasted me through Easter!

I fall in love with fall every year.  And as soon as my sweet miss arrives, she is whisked away by Old Man Winter.  But, let’s hold on to the fall while we have her!   Although I’m not a fan of scary movies, the darkness to them is intriguing.  With the haunting season officially upon us, I decided to create a little ‘Self-Portrait’ of yours truly.  Enjoy the fall while it is here!

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Going Home – Revealed

In my past blog, Going Home, I showed an image I created of an ‘abduction’.
I wanted to show you the original image.
It was shot in infrared, hence the greenish hue to it.
Infrared photography is so intriguing to me. It reveals this other world that we cannot see with our own eyes.

Normally, infrared photography is inhibited by too much light when shot during the middle of the day. Even this image, a ton of light is pouring through. However, I’m using a neutral density filter stacked with a polarizing filter. This helps cut out a decent amount of light. Without the neutral density filter, this shot would’ve probably been totally white, washed out from too much light.  I’m certainly thinking of getting a second ND filter and stack them, to cut even more light out.  Plus, using ND filters in normal lighting/ non-infrared conditions can create really cool stuff too.  Just do a google search for neutral density photography.

Without further ado, here is the AFTER & BEFORE of my image.  If you’re confused which one was the original, it’s the one where I’m NOT being abducted by a UFO!


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Forget Me Not

I took this shot a couple hours ago after some very heavy rain and a tornado warning!
I planted a whole pot of these flowers and only ONE grew. This one, I actually let germinate in my kitchen closet for over a week before planting it. One seed in a whole packet. Oh well, I’m happy to have at least one grow!

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